Proper ways to tell your kids about divorce

Divorce is difficult on everyone, especially children.  When children are suddenly facing the divorce of their parents, they may feel like the divorce is their fault, and, as a result, they may become angry and begin acting out. These situations can make a divorce even more difficult to process for both spouses, but talking to your children strategically and effectively might prevent any confusion or anger.

Talking to your children about divorce may seem beyond your capabilities, but just remember that a lot of people have to go through this process and there are ways to make it easier on both yourself and your children. The following are a few strategies for making this process easier:

  • When you talk to your children, make sure that your spouse is present. This will help the children understand that you are a united team.
  • Carefully explain the reasons for the divorce, but leave out any details that are incriminating to you or your spouse.
  • Make it crystal clear that the divorce is not your children’s fault. This is between you and your spouse.
  • Remember to maintain eye contact and keep a calm voice and demeanor.
  • Avoid blaming your spouse and stay positive.
  • Allow your children to ask you and your spouse questions so they will have a better understanding of the divorce and the procedure.

Each of these strategies can make talking with your children about divorce easier. Please contact Dreyer Law with all of your Family Law needs. Remember, each family is different, so talking about your divorce with your children will be a different experience for everyone.

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