Can I file my divorce paperwork myself?

Yes, although it is not recommended especially in contested divorce cases. Filing or representing yourself in Court WITHOUT legal counsel is known as Pro Se (pro-say). If you represent yourself, you must know the forms that the Court requires to completely process your case, you must know how to properly serve the Defendant, how to complete your financial affidavit, and how to calculate the child support worksheet when children are involved and you must also know the exact language to submit to the Court to protect your rights. The Clerk of Court cannot provide you with legal advice or guidance. If you chose to file any Court proceeding Pro Se, you have a greater risk of your rights not being protected, holes in your paperwork, important aspects left unaddressed and the list continues. There are instances where your finances may not allow you the ability to hire an attorney, in this situation, seek a free consultation and familiarize yourself as much as possible with the Courts rules and regulations before proceeding.

Please remember, this article is merely meant for guidance and information purposes. It is NOT intended as legal advice nor does it establish attorney/client relationship or privilege.