Child Support Attorney in Newnan Georgia

Child support is the amount of money that you may be able to receive for the benefit of your child or children if you are the physical custodian. Conversely, it is the amount that you may be ordered to pay for your child or children if you are the noncustodial parent. Support for a child or children is established based upon a number of factors, some of which are:

  • Your average monthly income
  • Your spouse’s average monthly income
  • The number of children for whom support is being established
  • Whether either parent is paying support for other children
  • Whether either parent is the custodian of other children
  • Costs of health insurance for the child
  • Extraordinary medical expenses incurred for the children
  • Extracurricular expenses
  • Child care expenses
  • Dental and vision insurance costs and expenses
  • Unusual expenses incurred for visitation

Dreyer Law can answer your questions about the child support that you may either receive or which you may be required to pay depending upon whether you are the primary physical custodian of your child or children. Call us to set up a free initial consultation to discuss your individual situation.

If your former spouse was ordered to pay child support but has not paid as they were supposed to, we can help you collect back child support. You may even be entitled to have your former spouse pay or reimburse you for any attorney fees.

Income Deduction Order

Are you tired of having to call your former spouse to see if he/she is going to pay their child support when it is due? Does their late payment make it difficult for you to plan and live on your budget? Are they paying support through and Income Deduction Order (IDO)?

An IDO is an order of the court that your former spouse’s employer withholds the support that you are due and pay that amount through Child Support Enforcement. You are then issued a debit card and that funds retained from your former spouse’s employer is made available for your use. Call  Dreyer Law to discuss the possibility of helping you get an Income Deduction Order.

Here is The Georgia Child Support Calculator for your convenience.