3 things you should avoid during your divorce

When you are going through a divorce, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Being an adult and non-childlike is very crucial to the success of your divorce. In the following blog, I will discuss 3 things you should avoid doing during your divorce.

  1. Don’t play silly childish games. This simply means to act your age. Don’t go out and rack up a ton of debt using a joint credit card; you are going to need some free space for divorce-related expenses. Also keep in mind that your ex could use your credit card purchases against you in court. Retail therapy isn’t a good idea during a divorce.
  2. Be modest when in public. I have seen cases where a spouse going through a divorce will use that time to “sew some oats”, so to speak. It is extremely important to not be drunk, nude, or lude in public where cameras or eyes can see you. Instead of showing childish behavior, have some me time. Receiving a massage and reading a good book in a bubble bath are all acceptable. Also be careful with the material that you post on social media. Do not include comments about the other spouse and do not include pictures of a new partner.
  3. Don’t make new mistakes. When you find a lawyer to take your case, he/she is taking your case after you have been upfront with them on everything you and your spouse have/are going through. This means you need to tell all of your dirty secrets to your lawyer, such as if you cheated on your spouse or if you keyed your spouse’s car when you caught your spouse cheating. Now that your lawyer knows what you have done, you should not go out of your way to jeopardize your relationship with your lawyer. If you do make a mistake during the divorce process, own up to it to your lawyer, learn from your mistake and more forward.

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