Does my family need post divorce counseling?

No matter the circumstances, going through a divorce can be a trying process for everyone involved. It doesn’t matter if one spouse initiated the divorce or both agreed that it was time to bring their marriage to an end, it is very common for recently divorced individuals to experience feelings of stress, sadness, shame, anxiety, and fear of the future. Many children from a divorced home will experience similar emotions as well.

A very common question I am asked is, “Should I consider post divorce counseling?” If you are recently divorced, it may be worthwhile to speak with a counselor or therapist about your new life. Newnan, Georgia and its surrounding areas have many skilled professionals who offer therapy for coping with divorce, including divorce therapy for children, and scheduling a consultation can help you gain a clearer understanding of you and your children’s emotional health.

Post divorce counseling can offer numerous benefits, including much-needed support for the following.

  • Understanding and coping with feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Finding new ways to connect with your children
  • Developing an overall plan for adjusting to life after divorce
  • Overcoming feelings of shame and insecurity
  • Recognizing self-destructive behaviors and avoiding feeling stuck as a result of self-imposed limitations

Getting divorced is a process, so is adjusting to life as a single individual or parent. Remember that you do not have to go through this alone; seeking a trained therapist provides benefits far beyond what you will expect.

Helping your children adjust to their new life needs to be a priority. Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, your children spend months watching and waiting as their parents’ loving relationship comes to an end. This can take a significant toll, as children are often less-equipped than their parents to deal with the emotional strain of a divorce.

Children of all ages will benefit greatly from talking about their feelings and learning about coping strategies in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Contact Dreyer Law for a free consultation to see if divorce is the right answer for your family. We can also provide some contacts for a divorce counselor in the Newnan, Georgia area.

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