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Personal injury situations fall under a category in the Legal world known as Tort Law.  Tort Law refers to civil lawsuits filed as a result of wrongful conduct or negligence.   The word “tort” is derived from the Latin term meaning to twist, wrong, harm, etc.  Tort law doesn’t typically involve law enforcement intervention or prosecution for wrong doing.  Usually, Tort cases involve a plaintiff seeking compensation (usually money)  for damages as a direct result of the defendant’s wrongdoing or negligence.   Personal injury claims; for example, car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, and in some exceptional case of a physician’s careless that caused injury,  must establish and prove that the defendant(s) negligence; intentional or not, resulted in the injury to the Plaintiff.   The Plaintiff has the burden of proof (the responsibility to prove) that the Defendant should have / could have taken proper precautions or safety measures to prevent injury to the Plaintiff. 

The moments following an accident or injury are confusing and overwhelming.  It is IMPORTANT to remain calm and receive a medical evaluation immediately.  Some injuries so not show symptoms or warning signs immediately.  It is very important that you accept a medical evaluation and necessary treatment so that all information is documented in a way that is able to be submitted to a Judge. 

Second, contact an attorney for advice about your situation.  No case is the exactly same as another, you will need to seek legal advice to know your rights, options and if you have a solid foundation to file a personal injury case.

Third, stay involved with the investigation.  Once you retain (hire) an attorney, they will being piecing the particular aspects of your injury together through their own investigative process to gather information regarding your injury to prove how your injury was a direct result of someone’s negligence.   The investigative process can be long, drawn out, frustrating and demanding, but it is IMPORTANT that you remain in contact with your attorney and follow his instructions to ensure that all necessary requirements to prove your case are in place. 

Please remember, this article is merely meant for guidance and information purposes.  It is NOT intended as legal advice nor does it establish attorney/client relationship or privilege.