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If you have been arrested or are facing the prospect of being arrested, for a misdemeanor, give Dreyer Law Group a call to discuss your case. 

Some charges may have arisen from some type of domestic disturbance. One spouse may even try to use criminal court against the other spouse to help win custody and support in a divorce.

Whether you are needing to protected or defended in a Domestic Violence action during a Family Law matter, it is EXTREMELY important that you have representation of an Attorney that is skilled in both Family Law and Criminal Law matters. 

Sometimes even a misdemeanor conviction can have serious ramifications. Some convictions could affect your right to drive. You may have options in how you resolve charges brought against you. Do not let hidden penalties affect your right to drive.

DUI’s are serious misdemeanors that have hidden costs. Not only could you be facing a court fine, you could have to pay probation fees, fees to reinstate your driving privileges, increased insurance costs, attend DUI classes and clinical evaluations and treatment. You may even be required to install an ignition interlock device on your car.

Call if you need help with charges you may be facing. We can help with your DUI, possession of marijuana or other substance, family violence, or other misdemeanor charges.